LedgerLinker pricing is straightforward. It is based on the number of financial institutions that you want to connect to rather than the number of accounts. For example, if you have three accounts with Bank of America, one account with Chase and six with Wells Fargo that would come out to three financial institutions. In this example the standard plan would work just great.

  Get Started Standard Link it all!
  Free $4/month* $8/month*
Number of Financial Institutions 1 5 20
Support for Bank Accounts & Credit Cards**
Unlimited Transaction Downloads
Access up to two years of transaction data***
Privacy Focus: We don’t store your credentials or transaction data

* To reduce transactions costs and keep subscriptions affordable we bill annually at time of sign up.

** Some Financial Institutions may restrict what types of accounts they make available.

*** Historical transaction data availablity is controlled exclusively by your financial institution’s policies. In our experience we have been able to access up to two years, but many banks may make less available.